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Motorcycle accidents have proved to be fatal for many victims. According to data available from Chicago Department of Transportation, the number of accidents in 2011 was astounding at 3,756, and that’s clearly an indicator that motorcycle riders are more prone to accidents any car drivers.

At Don Jaburek’s firm in Chicago, we are committed to help victims and their family members!

If you think someone you know has been injured on the road due to the negligence of someone else, we insist you reach us right away. The law offers provisions for the victim to get compensation for all the expenses, medical expenses, and other losses including loss of work and the emotional trauma.

Understand the laws

There are very strict and stringent laws in the state of Illinois that must be followed by every motorcycle ride, and if you ride one, make sure that you are well aware of the same. At our firm, we try to evaluate every case with an empathetic approach, trying to find ways to prove a case.

It is also very important to understand that every motorcycle accident doesn’t really become a case, because there can be many reasons behind the accident. However, if you or someone you know is injured owing to negligence, you have every right to take up the case.

Compensation benefits may include covering expenses of the following –

  • Funeral
  • Legal and other fees related to litigation
  • Loss of work
  • Medical expenses
  • Extra expenses spent on the case
  • Trauma, pain and other kinds of suffering
  • Damage to vehicle
  • Damage to property

What to expect with at Don Jaburek’s firm?

Mr. Jaburek likes to take personal attention in all cases, and we intend to help the customer in all ways possible. Our services include (not limited to)

  • Immediate takeover of the case
  • Initiating investigation
  • Handling paperwork
  • Talking to the police and witnesses
  • Gathering information and passersby details
  • Taking statements
  • Dealing with insurance companies
  • Preparing all the legal papers and filing the case.

If you have questions or want to know whether you have a case, please call us right now at 312-644-6200! We are available at all times, and the first consultation with us is always free!


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