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When a person, no matter whether he is a visitor or tenant, suffers serious injuries due to a fall on someone else’s property, the property owner or renter may be considered responsible for the same. Fall-down cases, also known as ‘slip and fall’ cases, are the second most common type of lawsuits filed under personal injuries, right after auto accidents.

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The number of fall down cases in the state of Illinois can be overwhelming, and yet, unlike the auto accident cases, these lawsuits aren’t typically easy. In such cases, there are things that must be proved, including (not limited to) –

  • The concerned property owner was irresponsible with maintenance of the property
  • There were unsafe conditions, which may have caused accidents
  • The property owner chose to ignore the possible hazards on the property

Once the lawsuit is filed, there are three basic things to be proved

  • The victim was injured on the concerned property
  • The hazard or cause of injury was known to property owners for at least a limited time
  • The property owners didn’t not take right steps to prevent the same

Our aim at the office of Don Jaburek is to ensure that our client gets the best possible representation and they are offered complete assistance. MrJaburek, who is the best known Chicago Illinois Injury Lawyer, takes personal attention in all cases, and ensures that his team is always ready to take up the necessary steps, as the case demands.

Types and causes of injuries

Typically, slip and fall can lead to a number of different injuries, including broken bones, back injuries, burns, orthopedic injuries and head injuries. Given that the impact of these injuries can be immense, we want the victim and his kin to get the right amount of settlement. The causes for slip and fall cases can be varied like

  • Unmaintained and unsafe stairs
  • Improper lighting
  • Collapse of things or even unexpected drops
  • Issues with flooring
  • Damaged pathways and side walks
  • Unchecked water leaks
  • Cracked walls or parts of building

We intend to take up the investigation process, and all other essential things, including paperwork, handling police and insurance companies, gathering information, taking witness statements and much more.

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