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Don Jaburek Law Group represented a young man who was badly burned by a restaurant’s outdoor fire pit. The flames were set at a level that created an unacceptably dangerous condition. After hard-fought litigation, the case was settled for $6.25 million. The client’s net proceeds were structured to ensure that he can be compensated for life. He is a tremendous young man, and we wish him all the best for his future.


Don Jaburek Attorney in Chicago Group represented a five-year-old boy who was attacked by a neighbor’s pit bull while the neighbors were babysitting the boy. A portion of the boy’s cheek was torn off in the attack. After extensive investigation and hard fought litigation, Don Jaburek  obtained a judgment of $1,089,093 against the dog owners and settled for another $35,000 with the housing complex. A structured settlement annuity was arranged to enhance the recovery.


Don Jaburek Attorney  in Chicago  represented an ex-police officer who had been medically discharged from the police force (years earlier) for a serious back injury. When the man was rear-ended again, his already vulnerable back was badly re-injured. With the assistance of co-counsel for trial, client obtained a verdict of $856,100.


Don Jaburek Attorney represented a 49-year-old husband and father of three for the injuries he sustained when a car suddenly pulled out in front of his motorcycle in Chicago. The man suffered a left distal radius fracture, which required two surgical procedures. As an employee of Sony, he did not experience any loss of wages or benefits. After receiving the offer of the negligent driver’s $100,000 policy limits, Don Jaburek Attorney conducted an exhaustive search for additional insurance coverage.

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